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Sep 15th
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Catch 22

eBooks - Novel
May 08 2006

catch.22     Catch 22
Joseph Heller

      A monumental artifact of contemporary American literature, almost as assured of longevity as the statues on Easter Island...Catch-22 is a novel that reminds us once again of all that we have taken for granted in our world and should not, the madness we try not to bother and notice, the deceptions and falsehoods we lack the will to try to distinguish from truth.



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Book Description

Catch-22 is like no other novel. It is one of the funniest books ever written, a keystone work in American literature, and even added a new term to the dictionary.

At the heart of Catch-22 resides the incomparable, malingering bombardier, Yossarian, a hero endlessly inventive in his schemes to save his skin from the horrible chances of war. His efforts are perfectly understandable because as he furiously scrambles, thousands of people he hasn't even met are trying to kill him. His problem is Colonel Cathcart, who keeps raising the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service. Yet if Yossarian makes any attempts to excuse himself from the perilous missions that he is committed to flying, he is trapped by the Great Loyalty Oath Crusade, the hilariously sinister bureaucratic rule from which the book takes its title: a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions, but if he makes the necessary formal request to be relieved of such missions, the very act of making the request proves that he is sane and therefore ineligible to be relieved.

Catch-22 is a microcosm of the twentieth-century world as it might look to some one dangerously sane -- a masterpiece of our time.

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rage said:

no bookmarks. reading it from my android is gonna be a hassle but thank you very much!
September 04, 2012

Sitakant Patra said:

Great work.. thanks a tonnnnnnn
Loveing the post
February 25, 2011

peach said:

thank you!
December 28, 2010

sfghgfhgfh said:

its not broken. it works... maybe they fixed it.
November 17, 2010

JT said:

Thank you :)
August 19, 2010

chocolate rain said:

thanks a lot
June 20, 2010

Vivian V said:

March 28, 2010

jesting911 said:

October 13, 2009

faraone said:

it's work. lovely, beautiful, great, funny novel :) I love this book.
August 31, 2009

ritamustard said:

Thanks a lot
March 18, 2009

jr said:

could plz reupload this book thank you
July 07, 2007

jokolate said:

It's broken :cry :cry Could you please upload it again? Please? Pretty please :p
June 09, 2007

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