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Sep 20th
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Finance & Development, December 2009

January 03 2010

Finance & Development, December 2009. Free digital magazines in pdf format.Finance & Development, A quarterly magazine of the IMF.

Stimulating a Green Recovery
6 Climate Policy in Hard Times
The global financial crisis need not thwart the fight against climate change
Benjamin Jones and Michael Keen

10 A Changing Climate for Development
Climate finance can provide the resources developing countries need to mitigate and adapt
Kirk Hamilton and Marianne Fay

13 Viewpoint: Technology, Not Talks, Will Save the Planet
There are smarter alternatives to fighting climate change than cutting CO2 emissions
Bjørn Lomborg

15 Modern Macroeconomics Is on the Wrong Track
The former BIS chief economist argues that the global economic crisis should prompt a rethinking of macroeconomic analysis
William White

19 Rebalancing Growth in Asia
Asian emerging markets can improve their economic welfare by rebalancing growth toward domestic demand
Eswar Prasad

26 Surviving the Third Wave
After the financial and economic crises, a “third wave” is engulfing the labor market, leaving millions without work and changing the course of their lives
Hyun-Sung Khang

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23 Rebuilding U.S. Wealth
A world that frets about lost consumer demand should also worry whether newly frugal U.S. households will save enough
Evan Tanner and Yasser Abdih

32 Poverty, Disconnected
Why soup kitchens may be fuller than ever, even as official statistics suggest poverty is coming down
Ravi Kanbur

35 Fiscal Expansions: What Works
There is a firm link between the composition of fiscal policy and the length of a financial crisis
Emanuele Baldacci and Sanjeev Gupta

38 Choosing an Exchange Rate Regime
A new look at an old question: Should countries fix, float, or choose something in between?
Atish R. Ghosh and Jonathan D. Ostry

41 Too Big to Ignore
Oversight of systemically important banks must be reevaluated
S. Raihan Zamil

45 Crisis Contained
Asian voices reflect on the region’s fragile rebound
Archana Kumar

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