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Sep 18th
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Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandal

eBooks - Sports
May 21 2008

Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket ScandalAndrew Jennings, the world's foremost investigative sports reporter, spent four years delving into the dark side of 'the beautiful game'. The result? This explosive and damning exposé of football's world governing body FIFA – a story of racketeering, bribe–taking, election–rigging, illicit trading, and dirty tricks.

No individual has managed to penetrate the sanctified domain of FIFA or to probe successfully into its often criticised yet unproven corruption of the world game... Until now.

Author Andrew Jennings will demonstrate how FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, and his army of supporters have misappropriated their positions at the head of the world game in their desire for power, control, and a lucrative payoff. How did these bizarre characters manage to take such control? Foul! has the story.

Jennings has undertaken unprecedented research in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, interviewing hundreds of officials and amassing an extraordinary library of damning documents.

He tells how Blatter and his legion of cronies built an invincible electoral machine to keep him in power forever. He revisits the 1970s and the privatisation of international sport and its revenues by a close–knit group of officials and marketing agents working for their own self–interest. And he brings the story up–to– date with new disclosures about how Germany won the contest to stage the 2006 World Cup and the inside account of the dirty battle to host 2010.

Download Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandal

Excerpt, PDF format, 89KB, 17Pages

  • Publisher: HarperSport (2 May 2006)
  • Author: Andrew Jennings
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 0007208111
  • ISBN-13: 978-0007208111

FOUL! is published in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian and Romanian. It will soon appear in Russian and Chinese.

FOUL is previewed in The Daily Mail

The London Daily Mail published a series of extracts from FOUL! in May 2006

Visit Andrew Jennings Website

ANDREW JENNINGS is an internationally acclaimed investigative journalist and film-maker. His exposé of sleaze at the International Olympic Committee, The Lords of the Rings, is ranked among Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 Sports Books of All Time. It was translated into 13 languages and earned him a fiveday jail sentence from a judge in the IOC’s home town of Lausanne.

Foul! has so far been translated into 12 languages and Jennings’ BBC Panorama documentary The Beautiful Bung, based on the book, has been screened worldwide.


Andrew Jennings, the world's foremost investigative sports reporter, spent four years delving into the dark side of 'the beautiful game'. The result is this explosive and damning expose of the officials that run football's world governing body FIFA - a story of how the 'men in suits' put personal ambition and money before the fans on the terraces. No individual has managed to penetrate the secret world of FIFA.

Until now. Andrew Jennings, the world's leading sports investigative reporter, has unearthed the stories that FIFA doesn't want told. He blows the whistle on an international cash-for-contracts scandal and reveals how some football officials have been urged to secretly repay the sweeteners they received. He asks why FIFA President delayed acting against troubled marketing company ISL, who wrongly withheld GBP 45 million of FIFA's cash. He exposes the vote-rigging that went on behind closed doors in the fight for control of FIFA.

Jennings has researched in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. He has uncovered damning evidence and persuaded FIFA insiders to talk to him about the questionable business practices they've witnessed. "Foul!'s" mix of world-class probing journalis. (


‘An astonishing story of bribery and vote-rigging.’ Daily Mail

‘Andrew Jennings has been shown the red card by FIFA.’ Sunday Times

‘Jennings has followed the paper trails, bearded the principals, ignored quiet threats and turned down sweeteners to get at this story. Even if you aren’t interested in football, it’s still a powerful analysis and indictment of what ails us.’ Sunday Herald

‘The story of how the World Cup traded its jumpers-for-goalposts innocence for a place in the showbiz sun is full of twists, all too frequently of the knife. The product may be soap opera but the process is pure Sopranos...’ Irish Independent

‘A meticulously researched and detailed dossier into the inner workings of FIFA . . . extremely entertaining.’ Sunday Business Post

‘Journalist Andrew Jennings throws stones at sports Goliaths for a living. Foul! paints FIFA as a corrupt fiefdom rife with bribes and vote rigging. The writing is light and lively – somewhere between popular fiction and tabloid journalism.’ Colombia Journalism Review

‘Jennings seems to have made it his life’s work to uncover the tapestry of lies, deceit, and fraud that permeates world football’s governing body. While based in fact – and there’s plenty of meat on the bones of each of his allegations – the book is written in the style of a fictional blockbuster. Jumping from continent to continent, underhand meeting to public pronouncement, Frederick Forsyth or Dan Brown could learn a thing or two from Jennings.’ Sport 100

‘It makes for great theatre and there is no doubt that his [Jennings’] latest offering on sports corruption is an entertaining read. Jennings’ dogged pursuit of Blatter and the other men who run the world game serves as an overwhelming reminder that the urgent need for greater transparency in football is not confined to these shores.’
Daily Telegraph

‘Jennings’ book provides lively, interesting and overdue insight into FIFA politics and how mismanagement, misbehaviour and the pursuit of personal gain seem to have had few consequences for its leaders. Its evidence and findings will certainly be fodder for further investigations.’ Transparency International

‘Jennings is banned from all FIFA events, which is a badge of honour in this game, and his work has struck at the heart of FIFA. “This so-called gentleman,” is how Blatter described him. “He goes around saying, amongst other things, that FIFA is a corrupt society. This goes into discrimination. He’s obsessed, this man. Obsessed! And wrong!”’ Scotland on Sunday

‘Andrew Jennings has come up again with a masterpiece of investigative journalism with its jaw-dropping allusions to multi-layer corruption in FIFA, its allegedly dark financial underbelly, its shocking electoral dishonesty and byzantine power tussles. The extraordinary professional zeal with which Jennings has culled all the details of this sordid account, moving from Europe to Africa to the Caribbean, invests his story with unmistakable authenticity.’ The Statesman, Calcutta

‘Without a doubt one of the most compelling reads I’ve had in a long time. Not only is there drama and mystery, there are also the good guys and bad guys. His book makes for an extremely compelling read. Even though there are many characters and many plots and twists and scandals, Jennings has done a great job telling the story clearly.’ The Star, Malaysia

‘Full of high drama, sports politics, both internal and external, colourful – and, indeed larger than life – characters, well drawn by the author, and also high finance, that will make uncomfortable reading for FIFA.’ International Sports Law Journal

‘A damning exposé of the inner workings of football’s world governing body.’ Belfast News

‘The best investigative sports book since Pitch Invasion.’ Sunday Herald

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