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Oct 01st
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Harvard Business Review, Free Digital Subscription

Magazines - Harvard Business Review
July 03 2007

Harvard Business Reivew Magazine, Free Digital Subscription, Asiaing.comHarvard Business Review, Free Digital Subscriptions to Graduating MBAs.

To enjoy a free digital subscription to 12 months of Harvard Business Review, simply fill out the form. It's easy and there is no obligation. The link to access each digital issue will be sent to the email address you enter.

Reading the digital edition of HBR couldn't be easier. There's no special software required. This is a a fully searchable, browser-based view of the entire issue. And the table of contents is clickable, so you can go right to the article you want to read.

Each month, Harvard Business Review brings you the best business thinking from leading management experts. Over the course of the year, you will have access to all issues of your 12-month subscription.

Free Digital Subscription to HBR

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Read Sample Digital Issue: Havard Business Review

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pkc said:

I am interest for free digital HBR, pls advise hoe to on the link not working
October 25, 2012

Max Lih said:

Can I please get the code to subscribe? Thanks
July 04, 2010

asuhardjo said:

Is this still valid? can you please send me the free subscription?
June 30, 2010

Vincent said:

Please give me the free subcription to the HBR. Thank you very much!
June 16, 2010

ijaz said:

thanks a lot VIVAN SONG i m greatfull to u for guideing me and without your help i would'nt have been studying HBR
thanks again
July 09, 2009

ijaz said:

i ve tried but failed please tell me how can i get HBR copy
July 09, 2009

ijaz said:

please anyone who know the digital subscription link send me plzzzzzzzzzzz
July 09, 2009

ijaz said:

please send me a link of free subscription of HBR
July 09, 2009

Sagar Vira said:

It works!! :D

Thanks Vivian.
May 19, 2009

Coral said:

Vivian Song , thank u sooo worked for me as well!
April 29, 2009

vikas7464 said:

lets see what happens... fingers crossed
October 15, 2008

Vivian Song said:

Below is a list of schools and their numbers.

548481 = "Acton University";
126600 = "American University - DC";
843871 = "Arizona State University";
377548 = "Ashridge Business School";
243882 = "Aston Business School";
346290 = "Auburn University";
785372 = "Babson College";
148007 = "Baruch College";
309636 = "Bellarmine University";
311282 = "Benedictine University";
708288 = "Bentley College";
28999 = "Binghamton University";
893191 = "Birmingham Business School";
495858 = "Boston College";
395406 = "Boston University";
212624 = "Bowling Green State University";
24405 = "Bradford University";
996233 = "Bradley University";
870358 = "Brandeis University";
778051 = "Brigham Young University";
330278 = "Brigham Young University - Idaho";
454243 = "Bryant University";
563467 = "Business School Lausanne";
538903 = "California State Polytechnic University - Pomona";
948715 = "California State Polytechnic University - San Luis Obispo";
547983 = "California State University - Fresno";
769058 = "California State University - Fullerton";
625757 = "California State University - Hayward";
130469 = "California State University - Long Beach";
894147 = "California State University - Northridge";
641348 = "California State University - Sacramento";
421895 = "California State University - San Bernadino";
673680 = "Carnegie Mellon University";
905759 = "Case Western Reserve University";
363543 = "City University (Cass)";
893768 = "Claremont Graduate University";
701729 = "Clarkson University";
678596 = "Clemson University";
333008 = "Colorado State University";
618687 = "Columbia University";
428307 = "Cornell University";
722447 = "Cranfield University, UK";
531943 = "Creighton University";
839955 = "Dartmouth College";
441974 = "Drake University";
605155 = "Drexel University";
984258 = "Duke University";
835432 = "Duquesne University";
789585 = "EADA";
581980 = "East Carolina University";
303876 = "Eastern University";
106260 = "Ecole Hospitaliere Lausanne (EHL)";
830169 = "Emory University";
122584 = "EPFL";
439292 = "Erasmus University";
194370 = "ESADE";
80239 = "ESSEC France";
982560 = "European School of Management and Technology";
483147 = "Exeter";
697344 = "Fairfield University";
856989 = "Fairleigh Dickinson University";
49450 = "Florida Atlantic University";
300157 = "Florida International University";
176264 = "Florida State University";
37467 = "Fordham University";
828966 = "FundacaoGetulioVargas/EscoladeAdministracaodoEstadodeSaoPaulo";
344957 = "George Fox University";
137576 = "George Mason University";
801031 = "George Washington University";
917686 = "Georgetown University";
September 03, 2008 | url

Vivian Song said:

I had the same problem. When I submitted the form, it said that I came from a link that said I came to the page from somewhere that wasn't a valid school or something... it said the offer was only offer to MBA students from select universities.

After digging in the source for the page, I found a list of schools and their codes, edited the URL to think I came from one, and picked that same school from the drop down. It then allowed my submission to go through. It said that I should receive a confirmation email. I did, in my yahoo spam box, from "".

So here is the skinny....

From the list below, pick a number associated with a school. then change the link to have a parameter in it named u1 and set that equal to the school number you are choosing.

Take the original link to the order form ( ) and added "?u1=548481" (not in quotes) to the end. As you can see below, this is the number for "Acton University", so I choose that in the drop down list and it let my submission go through. Of course I didnt REALLY choose Acton, but a school I felt was more likely to receive the offer. You should each pick a random school so HBR doesn't notice what is happening.

BTW, once you access the free copy, you can choose to print one/many/all pages if you want to get a hardcopy. Didn't see anything to switch t a print subscription.

September 03, 2008 | url

Enna said:

can i get the links as well
September 03, 2008 | url

Bud said:

Please send me a link for a free subscription. Thanks.
August 29, 2008

Greg Suzuki said:

May I please have a digital subscription to HBR please? Graduating MBA student from Rutgers. Thanks
August 28, 2008

leena said:

I want to go for free digital subscription to 12 months of Harvard Business Review.

Thank you,
August 19, 2008

Niraj Prakash said:

Please let me see the HRB
August 12, 2008

Dr.Avineni Kishore said:

Harvard Business Review is very useful magazine.
Please accept my free digital subscription for the same.
Dr.Avineni Kishore
August 11, 2008

Shinu George said:

It's good
July 23, 2008
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