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Sep 20th
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Heartland Magazine 2005 03

Magazines - Heartland Magazine
April 12 2006

heartland200503    CHINDIA : The 21st Century Challenge

   It has yet to begin and already it mustnt be. Throughout the world the media has determined that this will be the Asian century By the beginning of the new millennium it became fashionable to evoke the China of miracles, now joined by India. The slogan-makers coined a new term: Chindia, the Sino-Indian centaur of nearly two and a half billion people predestined for global hegemony.....


           Official site                                       Download (Pdf, 3.1Mb)
           Sino-Indian relations
           Beware the 'Chindia' effect
           The Rise Of Chindia   
           Chindia Power         
           Chindia at a Crossroads
           What America Must Do To Compete With "Chindia"

Chindia is a portmanteau neologism that refers to China and India together in general, and their economies in particular.

China and India are geographically proximate, are both regarded as developing countries and are both among the fastest growing economies in the world. Together, they account for one-third of the human population. They have been named as countries with highest growing potential for the next 50 years in the BRIC report.

The economic strengths of these two countries are widely considered complementary - China is perceived to be strong in manufacturing and infrastructure while India is perceived to be strong in services but particularly weak in infrastructure. In particular, China is strong in hardware while India is strong in software. China is stronger in physical markets while India is stronger in financial markets. The countries also share certain historical interactions -- the spread of Buddhism from India to China and trade on the Silk route are famous examples.

"CHINDIA" is a registered trademark and servicemark of TCI Enterprises LLC ("TCI") as applied to the title of its regular columns in both the hard copy and on-line versions of its financial publication entitled THE COMPLETE INVESTOR. Specifically, TCI is the owner of United States Federal Trademark Registration No. 3,060,112 for CHINDIA as applied to (i) "Printed serial columns, newsletters, research reports, and books, all related to economic and financial issues," in Class 16; and (ii) "Providing online serial columns, newsletters, research reports, and books, all related to economic and financial issues," in Class 41.

Indian intellectuals such as Jairam Ramesh and Subramanian Swamy have called for closer co-operation between the two countries.


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