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Sep 21st
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IKEA 2008 Catalog, Free Digital Edition

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September 26 2007

IKEA 2008 Catalog, Free Digital Edition, Asiaing.comHome is the most important place in the world

Your home, where you live your everyday life, is important. It's where you get together with your family, play, eat, sleep...or just relax watching TV. The one place on earth that says something about who you are. In this year's catalogue, on our website and in our stores, you'll be able to enjoy losts of new, exciting ideas about how to create a home that is truly good to live in - every day.

IKEA, Scandinavian modern style furniture and accessories.

The IKEA Catalogue, containing about 12,000 products, is printed in 160 million copies (2006) worldwide, and distributed free of charge, through mail and stores worldwide. 

The IKEA Catalogue appears to meet or exceed the Bible (estimated at 53 to 100 million copies) in number of copies printed annually.

IKEA 2008 Online Catalog Official Website

To view the online versions of the IKEA catalog and brochures, click on the desired thumbnail or link.
Content will launch in a new window. To order a copy of the IKEA 2008 Catalog, click here.

Download IKEA 2008 Catalog

PDF format, 14.8mb, 372Pages.

Visit IKEA Official Website

IKEA is a franchise-based chain of household furnishings' stores, first opened in Sweden. The owner and franchiser of the IKEA system is based in the Netherlands, and there are stores in 31 countries. Their business idea is: "We shall offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them."

Using the IKEA catalogue and visiting the store, the customer chooses the furniture and picks it up at the self-serve warehouse. Because most items are packed flat, they can be taken home easily, and assembled there by the buyer. (


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mandy said:

Would you be able to send me a copy of a free newsletter to my email address please, Thanks
October 18, 2009

Richard18 said:

I love IKEA. They have a great selection. Although I always make sure to get my beds at sleepys. I can't sleep right now anything but a simmons mattress.
September 01, 2009

Bikesh Shrestha, Nepal said:

One of best shops in Germany I have ever visited. I love IKEA Stuffs. GREAT PRODUCTS WITH BEST RATES.
July 28, 2009

Katherine Rose said:

My tastes were formed in Stockholm, where I lived for 2 years (1948-1950). I visited ikea in Illinois once, and felt at home.
February 21, 2009

kinki said:

IKEA 2008 Catalog, Free Digital Edition
November 05, 2008

hazel said:

i want to get the IKEA 2008 Catalog, Free Digital Edition,thank you!
October 27, 2008

Badraldin ali saga khalifa said:

I do like to have IKEA cataloge to help me doing my daily work
September 10, 2008 | url

kading said:

June 30, 2008

leo said:

T H A N K Y O U !!!
:) :grin ;) :p :roll :zzz
June 22, 2008

lil person said:

i love ikea it is the best store ever all my friends laugh at me cause i tell them it is my favorite store and the catalog is very good. :) :grin 8) :zzz :p :roll :eek :upset :sigh :? :cry :( :x
May 15, 2008

miss glutton said:

April 29, 2008

Lishengyun said:

Thank you
April 03, 2008 | url

setiawan said:

Really helpful, do you have any plan to open you mega store in jakarta, indonesia.
March 19, 2008

kkboy1983 said:

March 11, 2008

kasrksar said:

:cry thanx i need it
March 01, 2008

sunwing said:

I need a copy. Thanks!
February 22, 2008

sevenclare said:

I need it!
February 08, 2008

Pranav M Bhatt said:

this catlog is very good send me more catalog please
January 26, 2008

shehzad said:

i love this page becoz i can collect many things i need :grin
January 23, 2008

ydch said:

please give me a copy!thanks.
January 22, 2008
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