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Sep 29th
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Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 56

December 21 2009

Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 56, 2010. free digital magazine in pdf format.Joint Force Quarterly (JFQ), published by the National Defense University Press and the Institute for National Security Studies for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the Chairman's flagship joint military and security studies journal, designed to inform members of the U.S. Armed Forces, allies, and other partners about:

  • Joint and integrated operations
  • National security policy and strategy;
  • Efforts to combat terrorism
  • Homeland security
  • Developments in training and joint professional military education

JFQ’s aim is to help transform America's military and security apparatus to better meet tomorrow's challenges while protecting freedom today.

Each issue of JFQ typically contains the Chairman’s Word, several book reviews and other informative departments, and a broad selection of the best security and military research papers and essays available.

The Forum section provides several essays on a key security or defense topic, including exclusive interviews with senior national and international leaders.

The Interagency Dialog section provides an avenue for discourse among security professionals across Government agency lines, while the Recall series presents exceptional historical research on a wide variety of military and diplomatic topics.

Visit Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 56, 2010 Download Page

Read Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 56, 2010 online, or you can download Joint Force Quarterly, Issue 56, 2010 in PDF format.

JFQ Dialogue
3 Ambassadors to the World: A New Paradigm for Public Diplomacy and
Strategic Communication By Robert D. Deutsch
6 Public Engagement 101: What Strategic Communication Is, Isn’t, and Should Be By Kristin M. Lord
10 “Strategic Communication” Is Vague: Say What You Mean
By Christopher Paul
14 Open Letter
15 Letters to the Editor

16 Executive Summary
18 Afghanistan: Context and What’s Next By Volney F. Warner
25 Winning Afghanistan at the Community Level: A Rejoinder to Volney F. Warner and “C” By Christopher D. Kolenda
32 A Better War in Afghanistan By John A. Nagl
40 Unified Effort: Key to Special Operations and Irregular Warfare in Afghanistan By Christopher J. Lamb and Martin Cinnamond
54 Civil-Military Integration in Afghanistan: Creating Unity of Command
By Joshua W. Welle

Special Feature
60 Interview with Admiral Eric T. Olson, USN, Commander,
U.S. Special Operations Command
64 U.S. Special Operations: Context and Capabilities in Irregular Warfare
By Eric T. Olson
71 Countering Irregular Threats: The Army Special Operations Contribution
By John F. Mulholland, Jr.
76 Adapting Across the Spectrum of Conflict: The Role of Naval
Special Warfare By Edward G. Winters
80 Mastering the Art of the Possible: The Air Force Special Operations Command By Donald C. Wurster
85 Forging Marine Special Operators By Mastin M. Robeson Commentary
89 Legitimizing Army Psychological Operations By Alfred H. Paddock, Jr.
94 The Business of War: The Impact of “PLA, Inc.” on Chinese Officers By Dean Cheng
97 Israel and the Iranian Nuclear Infrastructure By Brent J. Talbot

104 An Intelligent Theater By James G. Stavridis
109 The Leavenworth Heresy and the Perversion of Operational Art By Justin Kelly and Michael J. Brennan
117 Can the Army Become a Learning Organization? A Question Reexamined By Anthony J. DiBella
123 Pay for Play: Countering Threat Financing By Michael T. Flynn and Simone A. Ledeen
128 A Joint Staff to Believe In By G. John David and Paul S. Reinhart
134 Global Insurgency: Myth or Reality?
135 The Struggle Against Global Insurgency By Daniel G. Cox
140 The Dangers of Mistaking Coherence for Capability By Michael W. Mosser

144 Vice Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Leadership of the Joint
Requirements Oversight Council By Richard M. Meinhart
152 Unity of Command in the Pacific During World War II By Phillip S. Meilinger

Book Reviews
157 The Human Face of War Reviewed by Clinton J. Ancker III
158 Clausewitz and Contemporary War Reviewed by Thomas Bruscino
159 To Lead the World: American Strategy after the Bush Doctrine
Reviewed by Jordan Michael Smith
160 Funding Extended Conflicts: Korea, Vietnam, and the War on Terror
Reviewed by Richard S. Tracey

Joint Doctrine
161 Wargaming the Flu By Margaret M. McCown
163 Joint Doctrine Update

About the Cover
Front cover shows Afghan National Army soldier standing guard at western observation post used to conduct counterinsurgency operations with U.S. Marines and Afghan National Security Forces, October 14, 2009 (U.S. Marine Corps/Artur Shvartsberg).

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