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Sep 19th
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Mapping the Global Future

Report - White House
April 25 2006     Mapping the Global Future : Report of the National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project 
     by United States (Other Contributor), NIC (Producer)      
    National Intelligence Council (NIC) , 2005 

     Takes a long-term view of the future.  Offers a fresh look at how key global trends might develop over the next decade and a half to influence world events. Offers a range of possibilities and potential discontinuities. Builds upon methods used to develop two earlier studies.


    Official Site             Amazon          Download (Pdf 7.4Mb) 


About NIC: 

The National Intelligence Council (NIC) is the Intelligence Community's (IC's) center for midterm and long-term strategic thinking. Its primary functions are to:

  • Support the DNI in his role as head of the Intelligence Community.
  • Provide a focal point for policymakers to task the Intelligence Community to answer their questions.
  • Reach out to nongovernment experts in academia and the private sector to broaden the Intelligence Community's perspective.
  • Contribute to the Intelligence Community's effort to allocate its resources in response to policymakers' changing needs.
  • Lead the Intelligence Community's effort to produce National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs) and other NIC products.

About the Report: 

Mapping the Global Future is the third unclassified report prepared by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) in the past seven years that takes a long-term view of the future. The National Intelligence Council, as a center of strategic thinking and over-the-horizon analysis for the US Government, takes this as one of its key challenges. You may contact us with your comments.

From NIC 

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