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Apr 23rd
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Nutritional Outlook, June 2011

June 12 2011

Nutritional Outlook,  June 2011Nutritional Outlook ... The manufacturer's resource for dietary supplements and healthy foods and beverages.

Published nine times per year, each issue analyzes developments in regulations, ingredients, quality control, manufacturing technology, packaging, marketing and new products.

Nutritional Outlook  is a BPA-audited publication reaching 13,040 professionals in the dietary supplements, healthy foods and beverages industries with the largest circulation of any publication in the field.

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30 Antioxidants
Clinical evidence clearly supports the health benefi ts of polyphenols—but not because they act as antioxidants.

36 Pet Health
Ingredients for overall health and common conditions.

42 Children’s Health
Probiotics show promise for a number of important health conditions in children.

46 Packaging
Is the dietary supplements industry waiting to embrace greener plastics?

52 Contract Manufacturing
GMPs: the new cog in contract manufacturing.

Visit Nutritional Outlook Magazine Website

Nutritional Outlook’s Web site offers digital marketing opportunities such as banner and tile ads and category sponsorships. Plus special marketing tools such as DecisionMaker Reports, Webinars, and E-Books are offered as part of a comprehensive marketing program.

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Nutritional Outlook is a leading resource for the manufacturers of dietary supplements and healthy food and beverages. We adhere to the highest standards of editorial quality, providing nutraceuticals professionals with the information they need - and trust - to grow their companies.
April 03, 2014

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Nutrition is important for good health.
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