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Sep 23rd
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Rio 2016

January 02 2010

Gateway to a New Era

Rio 2016Rio de Janeiro is a city of Carnaval and discovery. For centuries, visitors have traveled from all over the world to see its beauty and sample its unique character and spirit.

That’s why Rio is one of the world’s most renowned cities, famous for its almost endless beaches, its iconic landmarks and the warmth and welcoming spirit of its people.

Should Rio receive the honor of becoming the first city in South America to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, it will ensure that a new generation in Brazil, in South America and throughout the world embrace sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

Rio 2016 will open a gateway to a new, young continent of 400 million people, and inspire the 180 million youth under age 18 in South America. It will also offer an example to other potencial Applicant Cities of the benefits of hosting the Games.

More than 500 years after the world discovered Rio, Rio will be the start of a new journey of celebration and discovery.

A compelling new story is ready to be told . . .

Celebrating Sport with Passion and Purpose
The 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio will unite the power of sport with the unique spirit of the city to bring long-lasting benefits to both Brazil and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

Athletes will compete before some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Sport will be center stage in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Stunning images of the Games will be broadcast worldwide.

Rio 2016 will provide memories of a lifetime for every athlete and all other members of the Games Family, with the needs of every group considered, understood and addressed. The Games experience will be inclusive, memorable and positive.

The people of Rio will see long-term needs addressed, with improved infrastructure and opportunities. The Games will help accelerate the city’s broader long-term aspirations, speeding the enhancement of its social and physical fabric.

Olympic and Paralympic sport will also enjoy longterm benefits, such as the development of the Olympic Training Center that will serve athletes from around the world.

The overall result is a vision for Games that will deliver weeks of wonderful sport and many years of inspiration, social change and sports development. They will be Games of celebration and transformation; Games of passion and of purpose.

Sport will be staged in breathtaking locations, using innovative techniques, so the pictures beamed to the rest of the world excite and inspire television audiences, young and old. An innovative ticketing strategy will ensure venues full of passionate local fans – and the celebration will be shared around the world, thanks to a pioneering global network of Live Sites.

And athletes will be at the heart of the celebration, from their base in an Olympic and Paralympic Village that will set new standards and include its own pedestrian boulevard, beach and park.

Rio 2016 will deliver flawless Games, powered by Rio’s energy, and underpinned by technical excellence – including in innovative accommodation solutions, improved security and enhanced transport.

Every aspect of the Games will be delivered with excellence. Everyone involved, from international visitors to local volunteers, will enjoy a first-class experience.

Every day in Rio will be a pleasure.

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Table of Contents
Celebrating sport with passion and purpose
Games of celebration and transformation
Rio 2016 vision
World-famous and world-class existing venues
Sport in stunning surroundings
A new international center for sports
Every sport within the city
World-class accommodation for all Games clients
Inspiration and legacy through sport
A world-class city ready to welcome the Games
Transport: efficient, fast and reliable
Welcoming the world to a wonderful city
Environment and sustainability

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