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Oct 19th
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Tales of King Solomon

January 15 2010

Tales of King Solomon. Download Free eBook in pdf format.King Solomon reigned in Jerusalem, from 973 to 933, and was deemed to be the wisest of men. These tales chronicle his life and legend. They may be downloaded free of charge. Just click on a cover.

Free Download: King Solomon and His Flying Carpet
Free Download: King Solomon and the Mysterious Palace
Free Download: King Solomon and the City of Luz
Free Download: King Solomon Sends Out for Chinese Food
Free Download: King Solomon and the Disputed Infant
Coming Soon: “King Solomon and the Man Who Sued the Wind”

King Solomon and His FlyingCarpet
by Ahimaaz, Court Historian
Translated and Annotated by Professor Solomon

KING SOLOMON WAS RENOWNED FOR A UNIQUE MODE of transport: his flying carpet, upon which he was wont to cruise the hills, pay visits, or journey to the far reaches of his realm.

The carpet was kept on the roof of the palace. When Solomon felt the urge to ramble, he would summon Benaiah and the Singing Guards. Everyone climbed aboard and took his place: Solomon on the portable throne, the others pressed closely about him. Solomon then raised his ring and summoned the Wind. ...

Visit Tales of King Solomon Download Page

You can download Tales of King Solomon in PDF format for FREE

An “amateur professor” with a degree in English from Harvard, Professor Solomon is a findologist—an expert at finding lost objects. As such, he has appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” National Public Radio’s “What Do You Know?” and other shows. He was recently seen in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary “Lost and Found.”

His Twelve Principles were featured by Family Circle magazine as their “Great Idea” of the month.

Solomon is the author of How to Find Lost Objects, published by Penguin Books. His other publications include Japan in a Nutshell, Coney Island, How to Make the Most of a Flying Saucer Experience and The Book of King Solomon.

His method for finding lost objects has been compared with that of Sherlock Holmes and Lord Peter Wimsey. See chapter 4 of Debugging by Thinking: A Multidisciplinary Approach by Robert Charles Metzger.

The Professor is also a poet. To experience one of his poems, go to PoetCam.

Follow the Professor on Twitter:

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