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Sep 18th
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The Hacker's Diet: How to Lose Weight and Hair through Stress and Poor Nutrition

October 14 2009

The Hacker's Diet: How to Lose Weight and Hair through Stress and Poor Nutrition, Download free eBook, pdf format.The Hacker's Diet, notwithstanding its silly subtitle, is a serious book about how to lose weight and permanently maintain whatever weight you desire. It treats dieting and weight control from an engineering and management standpoint, and provides the tools and an understanding of why they work and how to use them that permit the reader to gain control of their own weight.

The book is intended primarily for busy, successful engineers, programmers, and managers who have struggled unsuccessfully in the past to lose weight and avoid re-gaining it.

About Losing Weight
There’s an old Wall Street tale: a tyro asks an oldtimer, “How do you make money in the market.” The wise man answers, “Nothing could be simpler: buy low, sell high.” The beginner asks, “How can I learn to do that?” The sage responds, “Ahhhh. . . that takes a lifetime.” Simple doesn’t mean easy.

There is no magic secret to losing weight and keeping it off, just as there is no hidden key to instant wealth. Nonetheless, every year another crop of “magic diet” and “secrets of investing” books appear on alreadycreaking shelves. The human capacity to ignore inconvenient facts and avoid unpleasantness is immense. Success in any endeavour requires coming to terms with the true nature of the task at hand and, if the goal is worth the effort, getting on with it.

“How can I lose weight?” “Simple, eat less food than your body burns.” “How can I learn to do that?” Read this book.

About This Book
This book is about. . .
How to. . . It’s a how-to book, but not a cookbook. Everybody’s different, and no one diet is right for all. This book will help you find a diet plan that works for you.

. . . lose weight. . . Lose weight rapidly, and keep it off permanently. Losing weight isn’t pleasant, and it’s far better to get it over with quickly, and never have to do it again.

. . . and hair. . . Just kidding. Actually, it seems to me the life of a middle aged male is a race between hair falling out of its own accord and getting ripped out over stress and irritation. Women have it harder—they have to rip it all out.

. . . through stress. . . Stress is an unavoidable consequence of living in our fast-paced, high-tech culture, yet few of us are willing to sacrifice its stimulation and excitement to recapture the placid and serene life of simpler
times. Stress is a primary cause of overeating and weight gain. You’ll learn how to break the cycle of stress-induced eating and how to actually turn stress into an ally in achieving your ideal weight.

. . . and poor nutrition. There is one, simple, unavoidable fact of dieting. To lose weight you have to eat less food than your body needs. Only by doing so can you cause your body to burn its reserves of fat and thereby shed excess weight. If nutrition is about meeting your body’s needs, losing weight involves deliberately shortchanging those needs—in a word, starving.

This isn’t a pleasant or inherently healthy process, but it’s better than carrying around all that extra weight. You’ll see how to reduce your food intake intelligently, so you don’t end up with scurvy or something else unpleasant or embarrassing.

Visit The Hacker's Diet: How to Lose Weight and Hair through Stress and Poor Nutrition Download Page

Read The Hacker's Diet: How to Lose Weight and Hair through Stress and Poor Nutrition online, or you can download The Hacker's Diet: How to Lose Weight and Hair through Stress and Poor Nutrition in PDF format.

John Walker founded Autodesk, Inc. in 1982, and was its president through 1986 and chairman until 1988.
Autodesk, one of the five largest personal computer software companies, has become a leader in the computer
aided design industry; its product, AutoCAD, is the de facto worldwide standard for computer aided design and drafting.

John Walker is co-author of AutoCAD and several other Autodesk products, including AutoSketch, Auto- Shade, and Cellular Automata Laboratory.

His first book, The Autodesk File, was published in 1989 by New Riders Publishing. It chronicles Autodesk’s growth from $60,000 pooled by a bunch of programmers to a billion dollar company in less than eight years. Despite good reviews, The Autodesk File never became a bestseller.

So, why not a diet book? If this doesn’t sell well, Walker may try a book about cats.

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