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Sep 18th
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The Open Source Cookbook: Fuel for Geeks

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August 01 2007

The Open Source Cookbook: Fuel for Geeks, Asiaing.comWelcome, folks, to The Open Source Cookbook. This is my attempt at compiling an entire book of recipes and cuisine ideas from the Open Source software world – the kind of stuff that you’d cook before you sit down for a long night of coding, or the kind of stuff you prepare when you’ve got a LAN party in a few hours.

Many of these recipes were obtained via the geek news website Slashdot (, where I am a proud member, and where many, many amateur cooks hide. Many more were emailed to me or posted via our forums – a big thank-you to all those who decided to submit recipes!

The whole book was created with the geek in the kitchen at heart, but with a bent toward the college geek. Suffice to say, most collegiate geeks have spent a fair chunk on their computer hardware (as I have) and may or may not have the money or resources to cook a 5-course dinner.

Now, of course, many of these recipes are much more difficult to prepare in the college dormitory, the primary reason being that city fire codes in just about every city I know of prevent you from having an open heating element in rooms that are smaller than a certain size, which means no range tops, no ovens, and not even a buffet range. Many of these recipes require a stove or oven, but there are others that can be done and can work just as well in a microwave.

Download The Open Source Cookbook: Fuel for Geeks

Pdf format, 816kb, 88pages. V0.4.

The Open Source Cookbook: Fuel for Geeks Official Website

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About the Author:

Matthew Balmer is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma in Music Education. In addition to being a trumpet player and cooking nut, he enjoys composition, tinkering with his computers, cartoons, and old game shows, especially Match Game, Password, and $25,000 Pyramid. He also enjoys graphic design, typography, and typesetting, and has on more than one occasion been heard saying “if it wasn’t for the fact that I love my trumpet so much, I’d be doing graphic arts.” He is an enormously huge fan of the cooking show Good Eats, and would love nothing more than to spend an afternoon learning about cooking from Alton Brown (or to have him read this book and give constructive criticism).

Among Matt’s more memorable (for him, anyway) accomplishments include being an alumnus of the Kappa Kappa Psi national honorary band fraternity, and performing with the Pride of Oklahoma marching band for three years, including marching in the Orange Bowl Parade of 2000 during the Sooners’ championship title run and the 2003 Rose Bowl Parade when the Sooners came to play Washington State in the Rose Bowl.


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