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Sep 17th
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War and Peace

eBooks - Novel
July 10 2006

war.and.peace.2      War and Peace

      A novel by Leo Tolstoy. It recounts the history of several Russian families during the wars against Napoleon Bonaparte. Many consider it the greatest novel ever written.

      “There remains the greatest of all novelists—for what else can we call the author of War and Peace?” —Virginia Woolf




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Book Description

Widely considered the greatest novel ever written in any language, War and Peace has as its backdrop Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and at its heart three of the most memorable characters in literature: Pierre Bezukhov, a quixotic young man in search of spiritual joy; Prince Andrey Bolkonsky, a cynical intellectual transformed by the suffering of war; and the bewitching and impulsive Natasha Rostov, daughter of a count. As they seek fulfillment, fall in love, make mistakes, and become scarred by battle in different ways, these characters and their stories interweave with those of a huge cast, from aristocrats to peasants, from soldiers to Napoleon himself. In this first English translation in more than forty years, Anthony Briggs faithfully reveals Tolstoy’s art in stirring prose, clearing up ambiguities that have plagued many modern translations. This volume also includes an afterword by eminent historian Orlando Figes, a list of characters, descriptions of the three main battles, chapter summaries, and notes. Both epic and intimate, a compassionate portrait of humanity and an engrossing read, this is the War and Peace of choice for a whole new generation. 

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Trang Tran said:

That is a great book. I think so!
September 13, 2008

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